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Posted by admin on October 17, 2007
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What is Platinum

Platinum is a silvery-white luminescent metal thirty-five times rarer than gold. Because of this scarcity, platinum is far more expensive than gold – usually about twice the cost. Most platinum is mined in Russia and South Africa, whereas gold is found in more locations, including the United States, Australia, and Brazil. Platinum wedding rings and engagement rings are rapidly becoming more popular than the traditional gold bands for many reasons. Platinum is distinctive, durable, and sophisticated, and a wide range of different wedding ring styles are available for both men and women.

How to Read Platinum Markings

Most jewelry-grade platinum is 95 percent pure, meaning that platinum makes up 950 out of 1000 parts of the metal. The markings on 95 percent pure platinum are likely to appear as: 950Plat, Pt950, or 950Pt. It is not recommended to choose any purity below 90% for jewelry settings because alloys may change the color of the platinum or lower its durability.

Benefits of Platinum Rings

When gold rings have been traditional for generations, why choose platinum? Platinum is far more rare than gold, and is principally mined in Russia and South Africa, whereas high-quality gold is found in many more locations. This rarity makes platinum an alluring choice for rings that symbolize the rare relationship between two people deeply in love. Many couples prefer distinctive rings, and platinum is the leading choice.

Durability of Platinum Rings

In addition to its exclusivity, platinum is more durable than gold (yellow or white) or other traditional metals, making it a wise choice for anyone involved with active activities. Couples should note that platinum can still scratch, however, and to care for platinum wedding rings properly, they should be removed when there might be a chance to scratch or damage the metal, such as when doing household chores, sporting activities, or yard work. On the other hand, because of the metal’s resistance to tarnish, it is ideal for men’s wedding rings or for anyone who wants a superior looking ring without excessive maintenance.

Versatility of Platinum Rings

Because of platinum’s silvery-white luster, it is the ideal choice to match anyone’s personality as well as their wardrobe. The sleek metal is a stunning compliment to other jewelry pieces, including a wide variety of engagement ring designs, watches, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. At the same time, because the metal itself is so neutral in color, it is beautiful with any type of gemstone, from traditional diamonds to fancy colored diamonds to semi-precious gemstones of any hue. This gives the couple great flexibility in designing unique platinum wedding bands with just the right accents to suit their personalities and relationship.

Platinum vs. White Gold

While platinum and white gold are similar in color, platinum has higher purity, weight, durability, and rarity than its white gold counterpart. Platinum engagement rings offer more resistance to scratches and are thought to be more luminescent due to the metal’s purity.

Platinum Ring Cost

Because of the metal’s rarity and exclusivity, platinum wedding rings may cost twice as much as similar gold rings. To temper that cost, couples may consider choosing simple wedding bands rather than elaborate designs, or using semi-precious gems instead of diamonds as focal points.

Caring for Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is very durable and scratch resistant but should be removed during heavy work or when using harsh chemicals. Platinum engagement rings should be cleaned with a gentle bristle brush and a mild solution of soap and warm water. Your jeweler can buff platinum jewelry to help it retain its natural luster. When not being worn, platinum should be stored in a fabric-lined container away from other jewelry that may cause scratches.